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October 5th, 2008

10:56 pm

One week later and I still feel like shit. He hasn't even made any attempt to contact me even though he has been on facebook. I'm really confused :(

Anyone remember Pauly Shore? Actor...was in Encino Man, Son in Law...kinda washed up now? Yeah...well he's coming here to Barrie to perform at one of the nightclubs on the 17th.

I'm going. Should be fun. Trying to get lots of people to come out with me. Anyone up for seeing a washed up actor do stand up?

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September 30th, 2008

12:12 am
GODDAMN IT!! So today totally sucked. I had a complete breakdown about halfway through my day. I'm still pretty upset over what happened yesterday with Ben. I'm totally stressed, but I was dealing with it. Or trying to anyway.

What brought me over the edge was that I ended up losing my cellphone at work. I had it with me when I went to work, and I thought I'd put it in my locker before I started, which is what I always do. But on my break I went to grab my phone and it wasn't there.

I searched everywhere for it. I had other people searching for it. But...nothing. I'm thinking that I may have thrown it out by accident. I was eating some banana bread which I'd brought with me and threw my garbage out. So...what with all the shit that's been on my mind, it's possible I threw it out. I talked to the woman who does maintenance and she told me that she had changed the garbage earlier, and that it was now in the compactor and there was no way to get it.

I just completely lost it after that. I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. I sat in my bosses office for almost half an hour trying to calm down. My friend Heather even sat in the office with me for awhile.

I feel like shit. I am not dealing with this very well at all.

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July 24th, 2008

07:25 pm
So last night I went with Mary Rose to see The Dark Knight. I can only sum the movie up in two words: FUCKING INCREDIBLE!! I can't even write anything else about it without giving anything away.

Mary Rose picked me up shortly after 5:30. We drove to the theater and got our tickets early. After that we headed to the Bulk Barn and stocked up on tons of snacks for the movie and then went to the grocery store to buy some pop. Which we managed to smuggle in without getting caught. We were lucky we bought our ticket early because by the time we went in there was a HUGE line up of people waiting to buy tickets and another huge line up of people waiting to get IN. The movie was supposed to start at 7:05, but by the time the previews were over it was almost 7:30. It was almost 10 by the time the movie let out. It really was incredible.

I'm going to be seeing it again on Saturday with a friend from work :P

Tomorrow night is the Weird Al concert!

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April 24th, 2008

12:05 am
I have some good news..brace yourself because this is BIG.

On Thursday June 5th I will be going to Toronto to see...

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

Okay. On Thursday June 5th, I am going to Toronto to see the GREATEST comedy troupe of all time perform LIVE. I am going to see the Kids in the Hall!!!!


I am excited about this because I have been a fan of the Kids in the Hall since the early 90's. It has always been a dream of mine to see them live, and now I am finally going to be doing just that!

I am going to be in the same room as Kevin, Dave, Mark, Scott and Bruce! I am going with my friends Robin and Perry. We bought our tickets tonight. Unfortunately we were only able to get second floor balcony tickets. But still....we are going, and it will be AMAZING!!

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April 23rd, 2008

01:34 pm
I swear to god, this year has NOT been good at all. Just when I think everything is finally getting better, something else happens that completely fucks everything up.

Chad called me last night to tell me that his mom died. I've been crying since last night. I was really close to his mom. She was like a second mother to me. Apparently it was liver cancer, and she only found out about it last week. I feel so bad because I hadn't seen her or gone over there since Chad and I broke up. :(

Chad is apparently coming back to Ontario in a few days. I've decided that I am not going to the funeral. I know that sounds awful, but I just can't do it. I can't face him or his sister or Jesse. I will send flowers.

I feel sorta bad about the way I treated him on the phone last night. When I answered the phone and heard his voice, I asked him what the fuck he wanted. Then he told me he had bad news. I ended up hanging up on him because he told me he was over at Jenni's house (his new girlfriend) and that she gave him permission to call me. What the fuck?! So I said "Oh that's nice. Bye" and I slammed the phone down.

I sent her the following email on facebook:

Subject: Alrighty then....

I am Melissa. I am Chads ex.

So you gave Chad permission to call me about the death of his mother? HOW FUCKING NICE OF YOU. I feel so fucking blessed that he was given permission to tell me about the death of someone who was like a second mother to me!

This bullshit really pisses me off. The fact that he needs permission from you to do ANYTHING including talking to me! Are you that fucking insecure? We aren't even friends because of YOU.

I don't care about him anymore and I really don't care for you. You can HAVE him, because I don't want anything to do with him OR YOU. Sooner or later you are going to find out what kind of person he is anyway.

I felt bad that he was dating someone new....Until I saw what you looked like. Total downgrade.

Yeah I know. I'm a bitch. I blocked her after that, so she has no chance of responding.

I have more to write about but I will make a new entry later

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April 1st, 2008

09:31 pm
I am in an unbelievably good mood right now, for two reasons! First, Chad called me tonight! Completely out of the blue. I hadn't talked to him on the phone, since before he left to go to Alberta, I missed hearing his voice. We've talked on MSN pretty much every single day since he's moved there.

The other reason why I'm in a good mood, I'm going to Calgary!! :D

Not moving there, I'm just going for a visit. May 2nd to the 7th. That's a Friday till Wednesday. But I am going to see about extending my trip by a few days, so I'll be there for a whole week. I've already bought my ticket but I think there was something about extending it. So I am going to look into it tomorrow.

Actually, my parents are paying for my ticket. I had to get my mom to purchase it since it required a credit card. The plan was to pay them back, but my dad said it was an early birthday present. Which is a relief because I was worried about not having any spending money for out there. I also found out that I am getting over $600 back from my taxes, which should help quite a bit. I have no idea what we are going to be doing for the week I am there. Chad mentioned going to Banff and going to the zoo, and having a bbq at his place.

Unfortunately since there isn't any room where he is staying. He's staying with his buddy, and his girlfriend and her two kids, plus there is another guy living there too. So I'm probably going to be staying in a hotel. Chad said that he would pay for it, but I was looking into it and it's fairly expensive. But we'll see.

I seriously can't wait!

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March 22nd, 2008

08:55 pm
Sorry for the lack of updates here, I've just been too lazy to update. But I'm here now, and I am exhausted. This week felt like the longest week ever! It was crazy at work, and today was the busiest day so far. I seriously wanted to murder everyone.

So um.....I'm feeling quite a bit better lately. Today was kinda shitty. I felt like I was going to cry for some reason. I've been talking to Chad a lot on MSN lately. I still really miss him.

I'm not sure if he's just lonely or really truly misses me but he told me he wants me to move there with him. I asked him if that is what he truly wanted and he said it was. If he still feels the same way six months from now, I've already decided that I am going to go with him. He is coming back at the end of July for his sisters wedding and is apparently going to be driving, by himself.

In the meantime, I am trying to save up everything I can and I am trying to get more hours at work.

If anyone feels like donating I'd appreciate it :P I am serious. I am trying my hardest to save up, but I really really need help. Even if it's $1, $2, or $5, anything will help. I hate begging, but this is something I really want to do.

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March 5th, 2008

05:44 pm
OMG. Patrick Swayze is dying of cancer.


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August 17th, 2007

11:46 am
I am officially on vacation! Wooooo! Well I was on Thursday but who cares! It's been a very busy week. I think I mentioned this, but Chad and I are going up to the cottage for a week, just the two of us. We are both looking forward to it, we've both been working hard at our jobs and we need a vacation! Sooo off to the cottage we go!

Besides work I've done a shitload of laundry, packing and tonight Chad and I have to go out and do grocery shopping. I've already been out to the liquor store to buy the essentials, 2 bottles of Spumante Bambino and a four pack of mudshakes. Yum! I am in the process of cleaning my room, Chad is spending the night tonight and it looks like a hurricane has gone through my room.

I guess I really don't have much else to say. Bye bye!!

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